I am a consultant from Greece, specialized in WordPress and frontend development. I hold a master’s degree in Cultural Policy, Management and Communication and a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Media, and Culture, both from Panteion University of Athens.

After working for a while as a journalist, I became a consultant specialized in Information Architecture of websites, portals, and web applications. Over the years, I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with every step of the process of building a website, from requirement analysis and project management to content management and development. There were a few small projects where I even did the design and copywriting.

Even though, for the past decade, I shifted exclusively on developing websites, themes, and plugins for WordPress, the practical experience from all the other steps of the way made me realize the importance of getting into the shoes of the rest of the people involved in a project, creating experiences that are user-friendly and pleasant not just to the web app’s visitors, but also to the people who manage it.

I’ve been a freelancer for more than a decade, and since June 2021 I work as a Senior Web Engineer for 10up.