I am a freelance consultant from Greece, specialized in WordPress development and Information Architecture. I hold a Masters degree in Cultural Policy, Management and Communication and a Bachelors degree in Communication, Media and Culture, both from Panteion University of Athens.

After working for a while as a journalist, I became a consultant specialized in Information Architecture of websites, portals and web applications. Over the last few years I shifted almost exclusively on developing websites, themes and plugins in WordPress.

Web design

Besides my involvement as an Information Architect on large projects, I can design and develop small-scale websites in competitive prices. For the past few years I develop exclusively on WordPress, but my experience also includes Joomla, Plone, Zope and ZenCart.

Depending on the client’s needs, I can either built a website on a ready-made theme or create something entirely new from scratch. I also cooperate with designers in developing themes or websites based on their custom design.

In case the customer’s needs are beyond the capabilities of a single person and require a team, I am a member of a broader network of professionals who can deal with large-scale websites of almost every level of size and complexity.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the art of organizing information in such a way that users can easily navigate and retrieve what they are looking for. Information Architecture involves investigation, analysis, design and implementation. The Information Architect is the linchpin between the designer and the developer. An Infromation Architect deals with the following tasks:

  • Requirement analysis, recording the new website’s functionalities, developing a complete sitemap.
  • Recognizing the different content types of the new website, creating the specs for the CMS’s document types.
  • Creating the wireframes (mockups) describing the exact structure and the functionality of the new website. The wireframes also include a full specification of each component’s functionality.

For a few samples of my work, you can have a look at my portfolio.