If you use Advanced Custom Fields often, you might have already found yourself in a situation where you don’t always remember your field’s names and you have to go back and forth between your Field Group panel and your code.

I, for once, do it all the time, so I thought that it would be great if I could see a field’s name directly from the post or page in which it exists.

Check what I mean in the following image, where the gray text in brackets is the field’s name, which I need to use on my code if I want to call its data:

Luckily, this little helper isn’t so hard to get, with a little help from Greasemonkey. The script below will be triggered if you are on the WordPress Admin and will show the field’s name next to it’s label.

Being a Greasemonkey script has the added benefit of not overloading your site with yet another plugin, works on every WordPress site and it is only visible to you. Here’s the script:

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